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Kwak Ballet Academy
is the official school for
Las Vegas Ballet Company.

All of our classes are taught at  a pre-professional level  with a small student to teacher ratio to give students individualized attention. 


Pre-Ballet & Ballet I

Ages 6 and older  

Students are introduced to basic ballet technique and vocabulary. Main focus is on posture, coordination, flexibility and discipline. Barre work is designed to instill clean technique and strength through thorough repetition of exercises, while maintaining strong posture and body alignment.  

Ballet II

Age 8 and older/Requires placement class

Students are able to maintain strong posture and turnout with one hand on the barre. Exercises are executed at a slow pace in a methodical manner with increase in ballet technique. Students will be invited to dance pre-pointe when their dancing has reached the appropriate level, but generally not before eight or nine years of age. 


Ages 12 and older/Requires placement class

Training becomes more rigorous, as the exercises are executed at a faster pace. Classes will focus on pointe work, ballet technique, variations, and repertoire. Stretch and conditioning is included in classes.  

Intermediate II - Advanced

Requires placement class (Drop in class $30)

At this intense level of training, students must have the technical and physical ability to commit to a serious ballet program. Classes are dedicated to elevating the technique and artistry of  serious minded ballet student. Daily curriculum includes technique, pointe, pas de deux, and repertoire.

Contemporary & Character 

These classes blend elements of Contemporary and Modern dance, such as freedom of expression, interpretation of music, control, breathing,  and balance. These dance forms allow students to explore their individual dance style outside of the structure of traditional ballet and jazz classes. 

Character class is form of traditional for dance, also known as mazurka and can be found in the classical repertory, such as Coppélia and The Sleeping Beauty. This style of dance helps the dancer gain strength and musicality.

Stretch & Conditioning

This hour-long class focuses on building core strength and increasing endurance and flexibility through a variety of exercises.

Private Coaching

Private coaching is the most effective way to take the dancer to the next level by working one-on-one with our professional instructors to improve their technique, artistry, and musicality.  

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