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We believe competitions are a wonderful opportunity for students to strengthen their technique and artistry and learn different solo variations. However, we are not a competition studio. We do not require our students to compete. We will support those students who choose to compete and are ready to undergo the rigorous training necessary to prepare for a competition.

Minimum Requirements

Students interested in competing need to participate in an audition with the Artistic Director and Ballet Mistress. Date TBD.

Selection for who will be representing the school is made in mid-August for the coming year and is strictly based on skill level, class attendance, and maturity. Must attend class at least 4 times a week for technique. Students must be ready to make a mental, physical and emotional commitment to prepare to represent themselves and the school in the best possible light. Families need to understand that there is a higher time and financial commitment associated with ballet competitions with no guaranteed "wins". 

Cost of Competition

We offer private coaching to prepare students for competition.  Coaching begins in September and continues up to the competition dates.

  • The cost for participation is $150 a month for once a week 30-minute private training. 

  • As the competition date gets closer, the student should expect to practice at least 3 times a week with applicable private coaching pricing with a minimum of 30 minutes each session. This is outside of the monthly cost.

  • Classical variations do not have a choreography fee. 

  • Each contemporary variation will have a choreography fee of $300-$400 depending on the choreographer.

  • Costume Fees: Costumes may be rented depending on the variation. Keep in mind custom made tutus will start at approximately $400 per tutu.

  • Parents are financially responsible for  coaching fees, entrance fees, costume fees, travel, and accommodation.

  • There are no refunds if the dancer misses a coaching session, elects not to compete, or drops out of dance.

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